Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After Peanut Butter... Now Pistachio Contamination...

After peanut butter recall for Salmonella contamination, now comes from the latest breaking news from the US FDA, they said consumers should stop eating all foods containing pistachios while they attempt to find the source of the possible salmonella contamination.

Based from news reports, the warning came after Kraft Foods Inc. told the US FDA that it had detected salmonella in roasted pistachios through routine product testing. The finding prompted some groceries and pistachio producers to pull out their products.

The report on possible salmonella contamination in pistachios came on the heels of salmonella contamination in some local peanut butter brands.

Last March 25, based from inquirer.net:BFAD have already recall these seven peanut butter products: Mama Peanut Spread Sweet and Creamy; Ludy's Coco Jam Special; Ludy's Coco Jam with Langka; Mama Coco Jam; Ludy's Coco Jam Regular; Ludy's Coco Jam with Peanut and Sunny Cheers Peanut Butter.(inquirer.net)

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minnie_madz said...

Waaaah... NOOOOOOO!!! Pistachio, though I don't really buy for it is expensive (hee hee), is my favorite. I love the Selecta's Pistachio and Cashew flavor. *argh*

Anonymous said...

I heard that Selecta's Pistachio products are not included in the list of items that were ordered to be recalled by BFAD since the direction does not include pull-out of pistachio by-products.

I love that flavor too :)


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