Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When the Doctor becomes a Patient....

I've been having this severe coughing during the night for the past two days now. That why today, I went to see the doctor regarding my problem. So before going straight to my office I drop by to the nearest clinic for consultation.

As I went in, the secretary approached me for my problem and afterward asked me to fill-up this Patient’s Medical Information Sheet. I filled-up my name, address, occupation, age and etc. and gave me a number card to line me up. When the doctor was ready to see me, the secretary called my name and I went in right away to the doctor’s office. I right away discussed my problem to Dr. Jay (not his real name) for some minutes. Then he suddenly noticed my occupation on my Medical Information Sheet, and he asked me what do I do? What he really means… “What does a System Analyst do? “. Because I putted “System Analyst” as my occupation in the medical information form. Although I was surprised with his unexpected question, I proudly describe some of the functions of a System Analyst. I told him that I’m responsible in making sure that all the automated business process in my company works accordingly. Then he suddenly said...”Really…” and he also added, “You know I have this problem with my inventory that I almost lost a huge amount in which it turned out dismissing my two personnel because of this problem…”. And I also replied, “Really… so how did you found out? “ Then he explained the whole story in which it took us more than twice as long of my medical consultation.

Lastly, as he closed our conversation he asked me of my professional rate and if I could give him my professional advice regarding problem. I told him that I’ll make him a project proposal after a week. And I hope we could arrange something out of it that will benefit both of us. So as I went out of his office and check out my bill with his secretary, I was surprised and very grateful that he didn’t charge me at all with his consultation fee. It’s funny though… with this experienced I said at the back of my mind… “the Patient Becomes the Doctor.”

Thanks Doc… Cheers!

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JessQ said...

This incident demonstrates that we're masters or "doctors" in our field of specialization: he was a doctor of medicine, but you're also a doctor of the computer systems. Personal experiences are excellent topics to write about, indeed.


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