Thursday, April 30, 2009

Been Busy Lately...Renovating and with my Offline Job

I would like to apologized to my fellow bloggers for not returning their ec drop for quite sometime now. I have been very busy with my full time job and renovating my internet shop. After what had happened (robbery)last April 22, 2009, my wife and I have decided to renovate the existing internet shop and put a second floor so that we would be able to stay on it too. My mother-in-law offered the house to us so that we could saved on renting from another apartment and supervised the internet cafe personally.

With a budget of P 100,000.00 (US$ 2,200.00) I will try to build a humble home and renovate my internet shop. Is it possible? Wish me Luck!

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zorlone said...


Is that a latest picture? he he he! Will PM you what I noticed.

Anyway, good luck with that project of yours! I'm sure you'll be more successful with our offline job. LOL


minnie_madz said...

Hi Jhong, pwede na 'yung budget mo, basta unti unti lang :) Wag bigla bigla :) pwedeng sa huli na mga finishing touches. God Bless! My Unrevealed Thoughts

EddieGarcia said...

Hey Jhong,
I am sorry about the robbery. Just the thought of someone entering your business or home is very frustrating. I hope your renovation will go smoothly and you will be back in full operation soon. Thanks for sharing this part of your personal life with us.

Friends 4 Life!


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