Monday, April 20, 2009

Why is it so traffic in Aguinaldo Highway?

Maynilad started the implementation of its pipelaying project along Aguinaldo Highway last April 15 and the said project will be completed on October 2009. It means... it will be a 6 months punishment for us Cavite Commuters.

Today, I left home at around 7:00 AM so that I'll be at the office by 9AM. Would you believe it, I arrived 11:30 AM. Maynilad and Cavite's Local Goverment should have plan this properly. Their construction work should not be during rush hours. Moreover, they should have implemented proper re-routing of PUBs Public Utility Buses and PUJ (Jeepney).

During the project's implementation, motorists are advised to take the following alternate routes to alleviate the traffic along Aguinaldo Highway:

From Manila to Cavite:
1. General Evangelista to Salinas Road
2. Daang Bukid to Salinas Road
3. Imus to Binakayan Road to Patindig Araw

From Cavite to Manila
1. Mambog to Niog
2. Mambog to Molino Road
3. Daang Hari to Molino Road

Good Luck To Us!

2 (mga) puna:

minnie_madz said...

That's my dilemma with EDSA before. But, now, traffic no more! Hope you find way to be in your office early! [link]

coxy said...

Please sign and promote this petition to abolish the buhos system being implemented in Bacoor Cavite. If you have experienced the traffic here you know how it feels to travel 2-3 plus hours on a 45 minutes journey.

We deserve better than this!


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