Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm a Proud DAD again!

I missed the blogosphere for almost a month now and there's a lot of things that didn't turned out what I expected. One is ... the construction or renovation was short of funds, until now the house has no roof slab. That's why the Qlick Internet Cafe is still close. And two is... I was surprised (I guess it's proper to say surprised, rather than unexpected) when my wife told that she was pregnant. When I've heard what she told me, I felt mixture of fear and happiness. I'm very happy because I'll be a Dad again and fear because she's been taking contraceptive pills for almost a month. That's why I'm very worried about the baby.

The following day we went to see her OB Doctor for consultation. Her Doctor told us that although there were no recorded proof for complication or side effects about contraceptive pills, she's not giving her 100% that the baby will be all right. There are some cases of complication for ectopic pregnancy that's why she refer us for a trans-vaginal ultrasound to see if the egg is in proper place. So we went for a TV ultrasound that same day and it was a relief when the Ultrasound Doctor told us "Congratulations, your wife is 7 weeks pregnant!" and ironically he said, "Your pills work splendid!" and we all laugh out laud.

After the TV ultrasound session, we went back to our OB Doctor and gave her the result of the ultrasound and confirmed to us that the yolk is full and in it's proper place but she can only confirmed that the baby is OK as of that day.

Lastly before we left, she gave us vitamins for the baby's development and for my wife's health. We were advice to visit the OB again later this month.

Please pray for my baby and hope everything turn out fine.

2 (mga) puna:

zorlone said...


Congratulations sa inyong mag asawa. I do hope that things will turn out well. If it's God's will, then, this baby is His plan for you.

Have a good week ahead and do update us in your subsequent follow ups.


Miah Laborte said...

Congratulations! wishing u all the best esp. to ur baby and wife...


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