Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How much time do you spend in blogging?

Are you like me, eating while blogging? I spend an average of 5 to 7hrs a week just to do my entrecard dropping and blog hopping. I post 1 to 2 blogs a week and make sure to comment on my friends blogs too. I have an 8hr full time job and I trying to manage to post a blog while eating during my (1)hr lunch break. In the blogosphere... I'm still a newbie, and I'm still trying to manage my offline job and my own blog at the same time. I'm very thankful that aside from my children, I have friends like Jenna Isle, Zorlone, Madz, and Julie that inspires me to update my post. Can you help me guys? How much time do you spend in blogging? I'll appreciate the time you'll spend on this post.

Wanna see the result?

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Edcel said...

hi jhong: it usually depends. but most of the time i am online and at work. for regular updates and just blogging, probably around the 14-48 hours a week. but I don't count blogging as work, it's more of a hobby and i like to blog so it doesn't feel like a hassle to me at all, though sometimes it does. nevertheless, it's more on being able to blog because of wanting to blog.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Jhong,

Pareho tayo, I usually multi-task: drop cards, comment while dropping, and my MS word is open if I am writing a new post.lol..Cheers.

zorlone said...

When I wake up in the morning, first on my list is to check my mails because I will find out if there are people who left comments on my latest post. Then I visit my blog to try to reply to the comments. Sometimes, I forgot to reply. LOL

Then when I get the inspiration to write, I just write it down. Since, I belong in a creative writing niche, it is easier for me to make a poem on the go. On the bus, jeep, car, as long as I have the time to write it down, rather, type it on my trusty treo. he he he.

When I get home, I bluetooth the poem to my laptop and make a post. It takes less than ten minutes to do, unless I need more information or pictures. That might take a longer time to do.

I then bloghop to my favorite sites like


and see what's new. If I like the post, I usually leave a lengthy comment like this one.

Then, I hang out at twitter or plurk or facebook. a lot of my friends there also link their blog posts, so I get to read them and promote them too.

Keep on writing! Practice, practice lang yan... buti ka nakakakain in front of your computer, tinigil ko na kasi nilalanggam ang laptop ko! LOL


Jhong Medina said...

Thanks Doc Z LOL! Gud luck with your game hope we could play badminton sometime!


reyjr said...

arrived here from jediblogger Doc Z's tweet! :D Hehe.

ROSILIE said...

When I was a teacher, I blogged in the morning, in between classes, during class, before my sleep. I was somehow breathing blogs.hahhahahha

But with my new job, I could only check my mails, update some posts, and do EC drops. This is the very reason why I could not even leave messages to my blogger-friends.

TC my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jhong,

I guess I'm breathing in the blogosphere, ha ha. Well, I am not occupied that much in the office, hence, it's my blogging time, so, 8 hours a day for blogging, ha ha.

I had this organized style in blogging, ha ha. First, I would log in to all of the pay per post sites to check for opportunities and write if there's any. Then, I'll post new entry on my blogs (yes, with s, I am currently maintaining a number of blogs, ha ha). Then I'll blog hop up to 10 persons from my shout box. Yes, only 10, 'coz if I'll blog hop in all of them, 1 day won't be enough. Blog hopping for me means reading my co-bloggers' posts and making a comment. As to know the next batch of 10, I had my note in a post-it, hee hee. After that, I'll blog hop on the next alphabet where I stopped on my blog roll. My last alphabet was Y, so my next blog hop would be on Zorlone's :D. Then, I have to check my emails for the comments and link referral reviews and/or visits. After having that routine, will do it all over again :D

Sometimes, I would be able to finish the routine in a day, making me do the same routine the following day. If not, I would be starting the day from where I stopped yesterday.

Jhong, hope that helps :D

Jan said...

Hi, Nice poll you got going here. My answer to your poll question is in the 80's. Eighty hours a week - a ball bark figure, that. And somewhat conservative. Because I don't want others who get to read this that I don't have a life. Ahehehe.

Do you know I don't have sexy, romantic dreams anymore? I dream about blogs and things blog-related. I even dreamed one time Darren was interviewing me. WTF. See? I told you, don't get me started.

Thanks sa iyo at kay Jena. Nadagdagan friends ko dito sa blogosphere. Nice meeting you, Jhong. :)

Rob Angeles said...

Hello Jhong!

Well, let's see. I have 3 blogs. Social Media Philippines, Coffee Talkee and Photographikas. I write one article per blog per day so that would be around 3-4 hours per day 7 days a week. Sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I write more than one article.

Yes, I do have a life and actually have 2 jobs LOL! I think you really need to find your own groove. Other readers may suggest numerous things to jump-start the blogging curse but it will you who can determine this one.

If you love doing something, remember that love requires sacrifice. But that's just me. What do you think?

Dragonblogger said...

I spend between 15 and 25 hours per week blogging, so I fell into that category, which is pretty inclusive. This is on top of a 50+ hour per week normal day job plus trying to not neglect my children and wife with my time

Jhong Medina said...


Wow, I really love to blog, but I can't really have that amount of time. I envy you guys on your devotion to blogging. Thanks Rob!


Thanks for participating on my. I'll post all the participant and the summary when I have completed my data gathering.



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