Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Bud - Courtesy of Zorlone

Despite running and jumping in the backyard, ReyJr. had so much fun playing in the rain with Ezekiel, his owner. Both of them were panting when they entered the living room. A trail of muddy paws and human feet lead to their favorite spot by the fireplace ReyJr. shook his golden brown coat to Ezekiel's amusement.

It had been six years since he was rescued - an Angel found and saved him from drowning in a flood.

"Come here boy! Time to dry your dirty fur," called Ezekiel, who got a fresh towel from the bathroom. ReyJr. then came up to Ezekiel, rolled on the floor belly up and looked at him with playfully loyal and loving puppy dog eyes.

The only memories of Reyjr. about the rain were these moments when he played with Ezekiel; his guardian Angel - his best bud.


Best Bud - by

Best Bud is a 140 word flash fiction of Zorlone or also known as "Doc Z". Doc Z is a wizard in creative writing, he formulates poems, short stories, and flash fictions as fast as lightning and will strike like thunder. He authored and, he is also a member of #jedibloggers and #influezabloggers.

To know a more about the very charming doctor, you can visit his sites or read more about him at Madz's Interview with Doc Z - My Unrevealed Thoughts.

Doc Z, I'am honored and very fortunate for the guest post. Thank you very much, Pre.

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