Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spooky All Saint's Day

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Last November 1, coming from my father-in-law's grave we have a very unforgettable spooky experienced. While on our way home, Thea' saw the convenience store near the Jeepney Terminal. She ask me if we could drop by the store for a chocolate sundae before we went home. My pregnant wife agreed because she's also been craving for the chocolate sundae since we left the cemetery.

The side walk was a little dark. Streetlight were shaded by trees. When we're at approximately 20 meter away from the convenience store, a woman in black veil pop-up in front of us. She scream out loud in front of my pregnant wife frightening my children too. At first my wife thought it was a friend playing a practical joke, but when the woman remove her veil and scream frighteningly again, my wife can't help it but scream too. When I was about to pull my family behind me the woman shouted out "You Stop Shout! Stop Shout! Waaaaaah.", that time I realized and noticed the woman is a bit out of order(mad). The woman walk away murmuring "you shout stop". Thea was a little bit in tears and my wife almost went to labor in this incident. I calm them a bit then we went home right away.

It's really a spooky experience for my family this all saint's day. Good thing my wife didn't went to labor that night. So how did your All Saint's Day turned out? Do you have any spooky experience too?
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