Friday, November 13, 2009

Survivor Philippines - Palau (Finale) Sole Survivor

Amanda Cooley Van Cooll wins Survivor Philippines Palau

After the very tensional last 3 episode of the Survivor Philippines - Palau, Amanda Cooll emerge victorious among the 3 survivor left in the tribe. It was Jeff, Justin and Amanda who was left from the 16 cast away from the Survivor Philippines Finale.

The highest number of votes between the 3 remaining cast away will bring home the 3 million pesos prize. The final voting was hot between Amanda and Justin. Paulo Bediones drawn the votes at the following order:

1. Justin
2. Amanda
3. Amanda
4. Justin
5. Justin
6. Amanda

And the last vote was Amanda. Jef didn't have any votes from the 7 Jury which supposed to be will tie the game but the last draw was for Amanda. Amanda Cooley Van Cooll is the now winner of Survivor Philippines Palau - Second Season.

Congratulations Amanda!
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