Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank you for all the Blessing!

I know it's been more than a month from my previous post. I've been very busy with a lot of things specially with my fulltime job. As we all know my full time job is my bread and butter. It's what gives Thea and Summer milk to drink and my family food on top of the table.

Aside from that, I spend some quality time with my family last December 2009 and visited some relatives during the Holiday Seasons. Anyways, for me there's a lot of things to be thankful with 2009 let me start with:

My Family

I'm very thankful for my wife, Yeye, who's always there to inspire me. I love you sweetie!

I'm very thankful for my children Gelo, Thea, Summer, and Anaya. For I was able to celebrate their birthdays and able to enjoyed bonding with them though out the year of 2009. I'm so blessed for I have these healthy little sweet children who keeps me going and smiling on my dull moments.

I'm very happy I was able to see my brothers and sisters, nephew and niece, in-laws and my other relatives. I hope to see them again. I'll gonna miss you Sis. Miriam.

My Friends

I'm very grateful for knowing these new friends who's always spamming my blogs (I wish...), Lols! Zorlone, Jena Isles, Madz, Elmot, Roy, Jan, Ditesco, Holly, Gemma, Aswani, Beyonce (Oops) Heather! Novs, and the rest of the gang of P50. These are cool bloggers in the blogosphere.

I'm also very grateful with my offline friends who always there when I down (finacially and emotionally) hehehehe!

My Business, My Job and My Clients

I'm very grateful I was able to re-open my internet cafe. I'm very happy that I still have my clients and business 'til the end the year 2009. I'm also very happy and very grateful that I still have my fulltime job for the bonuses and 13th Month Pay. Hahahaha!

And the last but not the least, I'm very grateful to YOU! My Readers. Without you guys I won't be able to post this article. Thank you very much! I guess this is one way of counting my blessing. God Bless You All! What are the things you're thankful for? Share it!
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