Monday, October 25, 2010

H2 Barangay Election Results: Dasmariñas City - Cavite

Looking for my Voting Precinct

This is my third time I was able to exercised my rights in selecting leaders for my community in Dasmariñas City - Cavite. The last one was the National Election. Looking for my precinct was a bit easier than the earlier elections. For Baragay H2, we have 28 precincts assigned for our barangay. I was lucky enough after checking out some few precincts I was able locate our designated voting station right. At the same time, I was able to register right away with out the long lines compared last years. With just few minutes I was able to vote my officials.

The Barangay Candidates

There's no new player for the Barangay Chairman candidates. It was still a competition between the Brgy. Chairman Podaca's Ticket and the aspiring Ambito's Ticket. I have no trouble selecting my Brgy. Chairman, because I'll be choosing only between the two candidates. For Kagawad, out of 20 listed candidates I have to choose (7) seven. I have my list before hand, that's why I just copied it to the ballot.

Barangay Election Photos

I think that's about it, Before anything else, how did your barangay election turned-out?

Meantime according to a credible source watcher, the Hon. Chairman Ramir Podaca leads by 10 ballots. Just stay tune, will post it here the final tally in our Brgy H2 Elections. Thanks for viewing.

Barangay Election Result Updates - BRGY. ST. CLAIRE - H2




(Unofficial As of October 27, 2010)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet New Bloggers from NetSuite One World Press Con

Last October 14, 2010, I was invited by Ms. Janette Toral (Digital Filipino) to join her team in Netsuite's Business One Press Conference. The CEO of NetSuite, Inc. Mr. Zach Nelson revisited Philippines for his "Business Cloud Tour" in Manila which started last October 6 to 14, 2010. NetSuite is one of the world's largest provider of Financial and ERP Solutions and the first Cloud Computing solution provider in the Philippines.

Traveling from Dasmariñas City to The Peninsula Hotel - Manila

I'm very fortunate to be invited because I was able to visit one of the finest 5 star hotel in the country, The Peninsula Hotel - Manila. I left Dasmariñas Cavite at around 8 AM, to give me an (1) hour leadtime to the scheduled Press Conference Call Time 11AM. I have no trouble commuting, riding a Jasper Bus from  Dasmariñas City;  that's why I arrived Ayala MRT Station early as 10AM. 

At the back of the Ayala Shell Station, I took a jeepney to reach The Peninsula Manila along Ayala Avenue corner Makati  Avenue. Since the jeepney only stops and unload passenger on a specific unloading, station I was drop off near Herrera st. Jeepney Unloading Station it was several blocks away from Manila Peninsula. It was a long walk from Herrera St. to Makati Avenue. I said, I should have walk from Edsa to Makati Avenue if I have knew that there's not Jeepney Stop near Makati Avenue. Well let's charge it to experience.

The Peninsula Manila - Lobby

I went in at the Makati Ave. entrance of  the hotel in which I was almost lost looking for the Main Lobby. The Main Lobby of the Hotel was very amazing. It has alot of artistic figurines and painting. Although it my third time in the Hotel I'm still star struck by the beautiful interior design and architecture of this hotel. I was able to snap some pictures and I would like to share it to my readers:

The Dasmariñas Blogger Meet New Bloggers

What exciting about an event like this is aside from the good food and desserts, is when you meet new exciting people. Aside from meeting Ms. Janette Toral (Digital Filipino) I was able to meet new bloggers and made new friends like, Mary Ann Joson(The Black Fedora Blog), Omar Intay (, Leira Pagaspas ( and Alvin Chua of ( also met Ms. Evangeline Sebastian and Trippy Padilla of Domiguez Marketing Communications who was very accommodating during the Net Suite Events. There's a lot to mention, but I was not able to catch their names.

Please visit the links below to know more about the event and related articles. Thanks for reading.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Vibrams Five Fingers Media Lunch

How did I got my Vibrams?

My Pair of Vibram Five Fingers

Last September 22, 2010, I was invited to Vibrams Five Fingers or also know as VFF media lunch. The VFF media launch was held at Paolo's Boot Camp,  The Metropolitan Club, Rockwell, Makati in the Philippines. I was fortunate enough to test run a Size 43 Red Black Sprint Vibrams Five Finger. There were lot of prominent atheletes presents and I was able meet Madz a.k.a Minnie Runner. She's with a co-league in her work and a fellow blogger Alfredo Vedarozaga aka Running Atom.

VFF Media “Lunch” 

A weeks ago before the VFF Media Lunch, A friendly person named Kim, invited me through email about the VFF Media Lunch. Ok I want to emphasized he's a he, at first I thought he's a she, that's why I address him as Ms. Kim on my reply, but he did not correct me.. Anyways, he told me if I'll send him my address and contact info so that he will send me an invitation for the Vibrams Five Finger Media Launch. I left Dasmarinas City, at around 7:00AM so that I can arrive on time even I will be caught in the traffic. The invitation said the event will start at 10am, since there were no traffic along the way I arrived as early as 9:30 AM. At that time, they were still preparing the registration and I think I'm one of the early bird and first to fit and try out one of the VFF in that event.

I like the caption of their uniforms.

A few minutes before the event start, I notice Madz (Minnie Runner) at my back. I approached her but didn't greet her right away so that I would know if she can recognized personally. She only noticed me when I approached her once again and told her “Hi Madz, Can I take you picture?” Then she exclaim, “Hey, Jhong!” I thought she wouldn't recognized me.

My runner friends.

After a small chat, one person approach us and introduced himself as “Juan” and he requested if we could take pictures with us in front the VFF backdraft. We have no idea who's the guy but we replied, “Sure!”. Then afterwards, he gave his calling card indicating his name “JUAN CARLOS R. ABAD” under it is “BIG TOE”. We only new that he's the President of barefootwear, inc. when he was introduced by the Lady MC during the event. The event finished at around 1PM, after some product introductions and experience sharing of prominent sport celebrities the country.

Trying Out My Red Hot Vibrams

Right after the event, I tried wearing my new Red Black Sprint VFF at the office to try how it fits. At first it was a little odd because it's my first time to wear something in between my toes. I tried to walk it out and it really feels that your really walking on bare feet. A lot of my office mates notice it and even inside the elevator it's been a head turner.

Wearing Red Sprint Vibrams


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