Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winila Spending Small Winning Big...

Last December 11, 2010, Jayson Biadog gave me a 40 Bid Cards from in which I've bought a pair of Havaianas for wife for only P304.00. On a retails store, it usually cost P 850.00 which Winila gave me a P 546.00 savings. I bought it online last December 15, 2010 using my visa card after not winning the bid. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my wife.  It usually take only one week to claim the item, but I was able to claim it after Christmas because of the holiday break.

What is Winila?


Winila is a new and exciting online shopping site, which offers your favorite products in an auction model with SAVINGS UP TO 95%. You can also buy products directly online for the standard retail price. With each Bid placed the price of the item on which you are bidding increases by the amount specified. Each new Bid adds 15 seconds to the auction. Once the auction time goes below 20 seconds it will never go over 20 seconds. The auction ends when the auction clock reaches zero. The final bidder is declared the winner. 

Thanks to Jayson Biadog and for giving the bid cards and for the Havs!

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