Monday, March 28, 2011

My Sugar Went Up Again Tsk Tsk Tsk....

It started early weeks of March, 2011, I been feeling awful at work. I often have headaches. That’s why I decided to consult a doctor last March 17, and requested our HMO Clinic - Fortune Care for an Annual Physical Examination have some lab examination for my sugar. I’m very grateful that our Fortune Care HMO granted my request. I discovered that my sugar went up to 358 mg/dL in which it is twice the above normal sugar level (126 mg/dL). That’s I was force to lessen my carbohydrate intake and lessen my rice consumption from 1 cup to ½ cup only. I was advised to do some exercises and make sure that I don’t miss my medicine. One reason why my sugar went up… it’s because I stop taking my medicines for almost two weeks. 

Meantime, while waiting on my result I noticed that the Fortune Care nurses really look professional on their new blue nursing uniform. The scrub tops really matches the shade of the clinics and company logos. The nursing scrub really looks very comfortable on them.

Good thing my company Going Straight, enrolled us to Fortune Care Health Services. All my laboratory examinations and consultation was all taken care of by Fortune Care. I only spent for my transportation and medicine. I would like to thanks in this post the Fortune Care doctors and nurses at Imus Branch. Fortune care nurses are very approachable; they always talk to you with a smile. They were very accommodating. 

With this experienced diabetic patient like me should not neglect intake of medicine.  For those who would like to know symptoms of diabetes see the  image that I've found below:


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