Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeping your kids busy this summer.

After Thea’s graduation a few weeks ago, I was wondering of what activities to keep her busy this summer. I don’t want her to get stuck on watching movies or playing computer games in our internet shop. I really would like to make her summer experience fun but educational. A common summer activity for kids is usually swimming, but yesterday a friend invited me to a free trial of an Art lesson in Global Art Katipunan. It was a very fruitful and relaxing experience for me when I was introduce to Elber Or, Director of Global Art Katipunan. They let me experience some of their lessons under the Foundation Level and Advance Program. 

Learning Oil Pastel

First, I was asked to copy and draw an image of a dolphin using a pencil. At first I thought it will be easy, but when they asked me to color the dolphin that I drew using an oil pastel, it was really a mess. Here’s some photos of what had happened on my trial lessons:

Drawing the Dolphin

They let me drew the dolphin on my own way. It was easy for me because I use to draw and sketch during my teenage years. Although it was way back 1990's my last sketching stint, I managed to drew a successful dolphin....Lols.

The dolphin before the disgrace....Lol.
Everything was going fine after they let us color the dolphin using oil pastels, in which I thought it was easy.

If this dolphin is real, he'll curse me as its creator...

Teacher Jen explains different types of shade effects

After a few pointers about how to color using an oil pastel, I was able to redeemed my reputation. They instructed me me to use three shades of color that I pick and apply it in one stroke. "Up and Down... Up and Down... Up and Down...", then afterwards...

Pointers: No White spots, Make it Merge & Keep it Clean
At last!
My first Oil Pastel "Obra"!
With proper stoke of applying oil pastel, you can accomplish a smooth and waxy effect which is very attractive  to the eyes.

Global Art Free Session was a very relaxing and educational experience for me. Learning art for my kids will provide opportunity to develop and improve their creative expression, and self-esteem.Good thing,  I was able to visit their branch in Katipunan and experience a very therapeutic and education session with them. I believe their programs will unleashed your kids artistic potential  and will develop inter-personal skills as well. Art activities like this can be a very effective means of representing ideas and feelings held deep inside for children.

If you're interested of their FREE TRIAL and you're near Katipunan, You can visit them at Unit CU-4 Prince David Condo, Katipunan Ave. Loyola Hts, Quezon City or Contact Director Elbert Or at 383-6084, 546-4115 for more details. You may also email, or visit our Facebook page.

They offer Art Lessons for the following levels:

Foundation Level - ideal for ages 4 to 6 years old
Basic Level - ages 7 to 10 years old
Intermediate Level - ages 10 and up
and Advance Program - for those who you like to undergo more serious type of art training.

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