Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Clear, I switched! The Clear Swap Challenge

My Dandruff Problem

Last week, I was invited by a friend to join "The Clear Swap Challenge at Market! Market! Activity Center". At first, I was having second thoughts because I'm living in Dasmarinas City, Cavite and it will take 2 - 3 hrs to reach Market! Market! Bonifacio, Global City. Since I've been having problem with my itchy scalp and I wanted to end it once and for all, I gave it a try. She told me to bring an empty bottle of my old shampoo so that I can avail the freebies in the event. Then she told me to visit the clear website for the mechanics and for more details.

Since I only have  one sachet of my old shampoo, I transferred the remaining sachet I have to an empty bottle so that I can make it to the 6 sachet requirements.I've been having problem with flakes and itchy scalp that's why I'm willing to get rid of my old anti-dandruff shampoo, just to resolve this itchy problem.

The Travel to The Clear Swap Challenge - Market! Market!

October 30, 2010, I went to Market! Market! to join the Clear Swap Challenge. I left Dasmarinas City, around 10:30 AM in the morning to be able to arrived on or before 1PM. When I reached Ayala Mrt Station, I took the The Fort Bus across the shell station in Ayala,which dropped me off at the Market! Market! Parking Area. I arrived 5 minutes before one o'clock and the registration was just getting started.

I was warmly welcomed by Ms. Booboo Atayde (and the gang), who showed me around and presented me the activity booths. These cool guys were very accommodating so if you gonna be joining the next event, go look for them.

The Scalp Pod and the Interactive Games.

Before I went to the Scalp Pod, Ms. Boo Boo line up for me so that I can see the Game booth which showcases a sensor activated LCD screen for their two hightech games. The Game Booth offers two (2) fun activities which is Dandruff Buster and Dandruff Rain. Dandruff Buster also has an online version in which you can play with it under facebook application.

The Scalp Pod

On my turn to the Scalp Pod, the Dermatologist let me answers some question in the laptop provided to help in evaluation. Then diagnose my hair using the "Scalp Scanner". The scalp scanner is an electronic imaging device that is attached to a computer to evaluate and diagnose your hair and scalp.

According to Clear Scalp Consultant, we should know the right dandruff shampoo before using it, because wrong type of dandruff shampoo may lead to scalp damages or even hair losses.

Then after the evaluation and diagnosis, the computer recommended Clear Xtreme for my type of hair. It cuts grease & removes build up for long-lasting clean feel. Then before I redeemed my Clear, I asked the Dermatologist, "What is the proper way to apply shampoo?" She discussed the step by step procedure below:

Proper way to wash your hair

First, Soak your hair. She said that it's important that the hair is damped thoroughly and evenly.

Second, Massage your scalp. Massaging your hair stimulate blood-flow to the scalp encouraging healthy hair and scalp.

Then, shampoo your hair using the right type of shampoo for your hair type. Hair usually only needs one application of shampoo. More than this can lead to static or fly-away results and leave the hair unprotected from pollution and the environment. If the first shampoo application doesn't lather, rinse, then shampoo a second time. Massage your hair again with your finger tips not with your nails, concentrating on the itchy areas.

Lastly, Rinse your hair thoroughly. It's important to ensure that no shampoo residue remains as this can dry the scalp out and create a flaky itchy scalp.

Yes, I switched to Clear.

The first pocket show ended at around 3:00 pm and I said goodbye and thank you to Ms. Boo boo and the cool groups for giving me a such fun experience. I made the switch now I challenged you, Its your turn!

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