Friday, December 11, 2009

Survival Tips on Your Toddler's Field Trip

Last November 28, 2009, Thea and I had a bonding moment at her school's educational field trips on several sites in Metro Manila. Thea is my four (4) year old daughter, studying at Dasmariñas-2 Central School as Kindergarten here in Dasmariñas City, Cavite. I wrote this post to share my experiences for those Dad who's joining with their Toddlers Field Trip for the first time and for those WANNABE DADS ;P

The Preparations

First things first, what to prepare for the trip... hmmm. My wife took cares all of that and I listed it below:

1. Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
- 2 Bottle of Ice Tea
- Tuna Sandwich Breakfast
- Fried Chicken and Rice
- Some pack of chips
2. Extra Shirts, Caps, Extra Underware, Fan and Umbrella.
3. Toiletries - Baby wipes, Isoprophyl Alcohol & Soap, Hair comb (Which I forgot)
4. Cellphone
5. Camera
8. Extra Money (shsss...don't tell my wife that I brought some extra money.)

The Field Trip

The call time was 5am in the morning. I woke Thea at around 4am, took a bath, checked the food (of course) and things I needed to bring for the trip. I have no trouble waking up Thea because she's so excited for this. We arrived at exactly 5am in the parking area and we were the first two (2) of her classmate were first to arrived. We waited for 30mins before we're able to board the bus and the bus left at exactly 6:30am. Out of 12 buses we were the first to leave the waiting area.

We have visited (4) four site that took us 14 hours. Below were the educational destination:

The Basilica of Barasoain (also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish) in Malolos Bulacan was our first destination. We arrived at around 8:30 am as scheduled. The Malolos Congress was in accordance with the Presidential Decrees of June 18 and 23, 1898, Aguinaldo convoked the Revolutionary Congress at Barasoain, Malolos. This is the Basilica found at the back of our P10 Ten Peso Bill.

Our second stop was the Nature's Spring Purified Water Plant or the Philippine Spring Water Resources, Inc. Plant located at Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan. Camera's are not allowed inside but they demonstrated to us the water purification process during the time. Boring?... Thea didn't enjoy this part of the trip either. But before we went back to the bus we able to refill our bottled water and bring with us there flavored water as well.

The third part of the field trip was in a ballet theater named "Aliw Theater" which just beside from our last destination in Manila. Picture taking during the presentation were not allowed but this was the best part of the trip for Thea and she enjoyed it very well. "Tatlong kwento ni Lola Basyang" (Three story by Grandma Basyang) was the title of the presentation. The three stories was dramatized thru ballet, in which Thea really enjoyed. The story was about romance , adventure and comedy pack in one. 

The three (3) story was:

Ang Prinsipe ng Mga Ibon (Choreographed by Osias Barroso, Music by National Artists as arranged by Mon Faustino)

Ang Kapatid ng Tatlong Maria (Choreographed by Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Music by Joey Ayala)

Ang Mahiwagang Biyulin (Choreographed by Tony Fabella, Music by Ryan Cayabyab)

Presentation are still on going from December 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 2009
Aliw Theater, Star City, CCP Complex

Our last stop was at the  Star City Amusement Park, it's just beside the "Aliw Theater" where we watch the Ballet presentation in CCP Manila. Thea enjoyed the rides to the max, up to the last minute of our schedule. We boarded back to our bus and left CPP at around 7:00 pm. We arrived back home almost before 9pm, ...tired but so excited telling her first outdoor adventure to her mom.

Things to take note, before traveling.

1. Take note of the Bus Number or Plate of the Bus.
2. Make sure that you and your toddler have unloaded (pee) before you leave.
3. Count the bags you have and make sure it's properly labeled.
4. Make sure that you have an identification card on your toddler or insert a calling card on her packet if ever you lost each other in crowded areas.

If you have any other tips to add, just fill out the comment form below. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Penne Rigatti Creamy Spaghetti Sauce

Last November 5, 2009 I cooked for my wife on her 33rd birthday party at her office. Since then, a lot of her office mates has been requesting for the recipe. So I'm revealing the secret now not so secret recipe. Lols! Below is the ingredients.


1000 ml. Spaghetti Sauce (Italian flavor)
1 pack Penne (800g) San Remo
1 bx. Melted Cheese (Grated)
5 pcs. Onion (chopped)
1 bar Butter or Margarine (Garlic Flavor)
1 gloves Garlic (dice)
¼ kg Carrots (Grind)
1 can Mushroom (sliced)
½ kg Hotdog
¼ kg Ham (sliced)
½ kg. Ground Beef
2 pcs. Knorr Beef Cubes
1 Can Nestle Cream
Salt and Pepper for Taste

Cooking Instruction

Spaghetti Noodles :
Boil water w/ 1tsp salt & 1tbls cooking oil, then add the spaghetti noodles, wait until cooked (about 8 to 10mins).

Sauté the ground beef w/ melted butter or margarine until brown, then add the dice garlic , onion, sliced hotdog, ham and the mushroom until cooked.
Then add the spaghetti sauce, grated carrots, salt, pepper, beef cubes wait until boils.

Simmer (5 mins.) while mixing w/ Nestle All Purpose Cream.

Serve with grated cheese.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

YES! It's Now Dasmariñas City

Yes, its now safe to say that we are now residing at the City of Dasmariñas, Cavite. I was informed by my source that the YES vote casted a large margin over the NO vote yesterday plebiscite for Dasmariñas Cityhood. YES! Dasmariñas Cavite, is now DASMARIÑAS CITY!

Now, a lot of Dasmarileños hope that the future funds that will be added will be use properly so that it will provide development to all corners of the Dasmariñas City and brings brighter future for my children. The people of Dasmariñas have spoken, it's up to the local official to make Dasmariñas City a safer, healthier and prosperous place to leave in.

Congratulations to all Dasmarileños!

Official COMELEC Election Result (Courtesy of Commission on Election and Arthur)

"In connection with the November 25, 2009 plebiscite to ratify the conversion of the Municipality of Dasmariñas into a component city pursuant to Republic Act No. 9723 dated October 15, 2009"

YES Votes

NO Votes

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


FIREPOWER - Round by Round Summary

1:28 PM November 15, 2009 (Philippine Time)
Below is my round by round summary of the Firepower fight between the Philippine Champion Manny "PACMAN" Paquiao versus Miguel Cotto. I'm trying to blog this as I watch the fight round by round, so bare with me with typos and grammar.


The crowd was silenced when the Philippine National Anthem was sung by our very own La Diva. Then the silence was broken when Manny Paquiao entered the arena, followed by Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao was the first fighter into the ring. Wearing red trunks littered with logos he went staright to his corner and knelt in prayer. Before the start of the round I've just saw Chavit Singson at the Paquiao's corner.Hmmm, I sense Politics!

Round One

When the bell rang the crowd roars. Cotto startled Pacquiao with a first punch but didn't hurt our hero. The round ended with exchanged of blow and Cotto wins the round 10-9

Round Two

Cotto continues pounding body shots chopping down Pacquiao's body. But Manny Pacquiao at the halfway through the round he finds an opening and delivers a combination and a lot of left & right jab in which destabilized Cotto and couldn't find a solution to counters Paquiao's attacks. Then Pacquiao releases three-punches combination with about 15 seconds left. Pacquiao stares at Cotto at the end of the round and Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9.

Round Three

The action started by Cotto throws a left that Pacquiao sidesteps with jabs and left blow. At the middle of the round the referee Kenny Bayless calls a knockdown on Cotto from a left and right combination from Manny Paquiao. Pacquiao's speed, which surprised so many other fighters, appears to be too much for Puertorican fighter. Before the end of the round Cotto manages to sneak an upper-cut in which upsets Paquiao. Pacquiao still wins the round 10-8.

Round Four

Cotto started early with jabs rattling our Pinoy Champion on 2:20 minutes left. Pacquiao has been pinned twice on the rope punishing him with body shots and several uppercuts. When I thought that Cotto gains the advantage with this round, Pacquiao escapes to the center of the ring, Cotto goes down again with 10 seconds remaining. Manny manage to hit Cotto with a hard left to the chin that causes him to go down. Cotto went to his corner bleeding with one eye. Pacquiao still owns Cotto at 10-8 score.

Round Five

Sorry guys I've missed this round I need to go to the rest room but Pacquiao still takes this round with 10-9 score. LOLS! Bad timing huh!

Round Six

Pacquiao still going for the head consistently, sniping Cotto with a left and right combination. At this round Cotto's face is showing the damage, looking red and perhaps a bit swollen. Pacquiao twice pinned Cotto on the ropes in the final 15 seconds and almost gets him down for a third time. Pacquiao still scores from the judges with 10-9 card.

Round Seven

At this round, Cotto still couldn't find a solution to the speed of Paquiao. Paquiao still punished Cotto with a one-to-three combination. Even though Cotto manages to sneak punches at the end of the round, the round again ends with Pacquiao winning with 10-9 score.

Round Eight

Pacquiao has been slicing the defense of Cotto's defenses and he has no where to go but to move around the ring by back pedaling. At the 20 seconds of the round Cotto continues to fight backward and the round ends with him backed into his corner, saved from further damage by the bell. Cotto's face is swollen and I'm starting to conclude the fight with Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9.

Round Nine

Another punishing round for Cotto. Pacquiao still excutes his offensive tactics and still Cotto back paddles around the ring. Pacquiao gets off a good three-punch combination and traps Cotto against the ropes three times. Cotto has been bleeding heavily from his nose and his right eye almost shut as he goes to his corner. Pacquiao wins the round 10-9 again.

Round Ten

Cotto white trunks are now stained with blood and both eyes are nearly swollen closed. The two fighter is now wearing red trunks? Are they allowing it now? Just kidding! Cotto continues to backpedal and Pacquiao continues to chase him. Near the end of the round Paquiao signals Cotto saying "Let's get it on." because Cotto has been running thru out the round. Pacquiao wins the round 10-9.

Round Eleven

Cotto can't stand the punishment anymore as he continue to back pedal thru out the round. Cotto has been a dancing punching bag for Manny Paquiao as the cut of Cotto's left eye has been bleeding thru his trunks. At this round I feel Cotto's only wanted to survive. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-8.

Final Round

Early in the round our local tv commentator already announced that Manny Paquiao has claimed his 7th world title, because Cotto's just keep on running around the ring and with the scores presented only a knock down can turn around the fight. The blood coming from the cut near Cotto's eye is flowing now and referee Kenny Bayless steps in to stop with more than two minute to go. Which declares Manny Paquiao is the winner.

Pacquiao wins by 12th-round TKO

Now Pacquiao, the only fighter in history to win Seven Titles in Seven Weight Classes. Congratulation to Manny Paquiao! Again you made our country proud!
"Wala kang katulad Manny!!!!!." I hope you enjoyed my post.
I've finish blogging at around 4:19 PM (Philippine Time).


Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Is Mayweather ready for Pacquiao?
Mayweather vs Mosley into Olympic Style Drug Testing Program 
Mosley vs Mayweather Fight: Who R U picking? 

Friday, November 13, 2009

Survivor Philippines - Palau (Finale) Sole Survivor

Amanda Cooley Van Cooll wins Survivor Philippines Palau

After the very tensional last 3 episode of the Survivor Philippines - Palau, Amanda Cooll emerge victorious among the 3 survivor left in the tribe. It was Jeff, Justin and Amanda who was left from the 16 cast away from the Survivor Philippines Finale.

The highest number of votes between the 3 remaining cast away will bring home the 3 million pesos prize. The final voting was hot between Amanda and Justin. Paulo Bediones drawn the votes at the following order:

1. Justin
2. Amanda
3. Amanda
4. Justin
5. Justin
6. Amanda

And the last vote was Amanda. Jef didn't have any votes from the 7 Jury which supposed to be will tie the game but the last draw was for Amanda. Amanda Cooley Van Cooll is the now winner of Survivor Philippines Palau - Second Season.

Congratulations Amanda!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yes for Dasmariñas, Cavite City Hood

On November 25, 2009, all Dasmariñas, Cavite Citizen will put their rights to exercise to fully formalized the House Bill 5258 - AN ACT CONVERTING THE MUNICIPALITY OF DASMARINAS IN THE PROVINCE OF CAVITE INTO A COMPONENT CITY TO BE KNOWN AS THE CITY OF DASMARINAS the campaign was authored by our HON. CONGR. ELPIDIO BARZAGA in which was filed last year October 03, 2008.

So on November 25, 2009 - Qlick Cafe / Brgy. H2 will be voting the YES for HB5258 - City of Dasmariñas.. I'm calling all Dasmariñas, Cavite Citizen to vote YES and show support by spreading that we want Development in Dasmariñas and We Want it Dasmariñas City.

Please comment or spread the word that we want a Dasmariñas City!

You may copy & paste the above code and share it to your facebook, friendster or blog account.

* Erratum: There's a slight confusion with the date, I have corrected it from Nov. 21, 2009 to Nov. 25, 2009.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spooky All Saint's Day

image came from google image search

Last November 1, coming from my father-in-law's grave we have a very unforgettable spooky experienced. While on our way home, Thea' saw the convenience store near the Jeepney Terminal. She ask me if we could drop by the store for a chocolate sundae before we went home. My pregnant wife agreed because she's also been craving for the chocolate sundae since we left the cemetery.

The side walk was a little dark. Streetlight were shaded by trees. When we're at approximately 20 meter away from the convenience store, a woman in black veil pop-up in front of us. She scream out loud in front of my pregnant wife frightening my children too. At first my wife thought it was a friend playing a practical joke, but when the woman remove her veil and scream frighteningly again, my wife can't help it but scream too. When I was about to pull my family behind me the woman shouted out "You Stop Shout! Stop Shout! Waaaaaah.", that time I realized and noticed the woman is a bit out of order(mad). The woman walk away murmuring "you shout stop". Thea was a little bit in tears and my wife almost went to labor in this incident. I calm them a bit then we went home right away.

It's really a spooky experience for my family this all saint's day. Good thing my wife didn't went to labor that night. So how did your All Saint's Day turned out? Do you have any spooky experience too?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

US$ 1,500.00 Thanksgiving Giveaway @ Jaypee online

Before I talk about the US$ 1,500.00 worth of prizes on Jaypee Online. Let me give a bit of something about the thanksgiving day.

In the Philippines, we don't have Thanksgiving day in our Holidays, because it is a celebration in America in which celebrated to the deliverance of the English settlers by Native Americans after the harsh winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts and that event has become the pre-eminent foundation story for English North America.In other words, we don't have it here, because it's not our holiday it's an American holiday :). It is usually celebrated last Thursday of every November. Last Year, it was celebrated November 27, 2008 and will be celebrated on November 26, this year. To understand more about thanksgiving day follow the link to this video:
History of Thanksgiving

About the Money!

Let's go down to business. I've just enter Jaypee Online Thanksgiving Giveaway Contest, and I'm encouraging everyone that you do so, because a lot of amazing prizes awaits the winner. Here's the contest mechanics.

US$ 1,500.00 Worth of Prizes


1st Prize
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2nd Prize
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3rd Prize
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1 Year Freedom Plan Hosting from WP Web Host ($80)
$10 Cash via PayPal from JaypeeOnline

Consolation Prizes
Single Theme Package from StudioPress ($59.95)
Single Theme Licenses from WP Now ($29)

Want to Know More

Click this link to Jaypee Online to know more about the contest mechanics.

Below are his amazing sponsors:

1. StudioPress
2. Pro Theme Design
3. Press75
4. WP Zoom
5. WP Now
6. Elegant Themes
7. WP WebHost
8. Jehzeel Laurente

So what are you waiting for... Join Now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Halloween! Monster on the Loose!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!



The Mad Doctor - Jhong Medina
Ware wolf - Job Uchi III
Frankenstein - Ryan Espinosa
White Lady - Gerwin Albesa
Count Dracula - Ricky Sumarago

Just Having Fun Folks! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Bud - Courtesy of Zorlone

Despite running and jumping in the backyard, ReyJr. had so much fun playing in the rain with Ezekiel, his owner. Both of them were panting when they entered the living room. A trail of muddy paws and human feet lead to their favorite spot by the fireplace ReyJr. shook his golden brown coat to Ezekiel's amusement.

It had been six years since he was rescued - an Angel found and saved him from drowning in a flood.

"Come here boy! Time to dry your dirty fur," called Ezekiel, who got a fresh towel from the bathroom. ReyJr. then came up to Ezekiel, rolled on the floor belly up and looked at him with playfully loyal and loving puppy dog eyes.

The only memories of Reyjr. about the rain were these moments when he played with Ezekiel; his guardian Angel - his best bud.


Best Bud - by

Best Bud is a 140 word flash fiction of Zorlone or also known as "Doc Z". Doc Z is a wizard in creative writing, he formulates poems, short stories, and flash fictions as fast as lightning and will strike like thunder. He authored and, he is also a member of #jedibloggers and #influezabloggers.

To know a more about the very charming doctor, you can visit his sites or read more about him at Madz's Interview with Doc Z - My Unrevealed Thoughts.

Doc Z, I'am honored and very fortunate for the guest post. Thank you very much, Pre.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Pangasinan flooded by PEPENG

Pangasinan Provincial Officials are requesting for Help to National Gov't

Pangasinan is 90% flooded and parts of Baguio City is underwater. According to News the town of Aparri in Cagayan Valley is likewise inundated. Going to North Luzon Motorist are advised to postponed their trip view a lot of National Road are impassable and dangerous.

The local government of Pangasinan is requesting for help to evacuate people to safe areas. There requesting for rubber boat, life raft and helicopter for the evacuation to higher areas.

The affected areas are Aguilar, Basista, Urbiztondo, Sta. Barbara, Dagupan City, Manaoag, Mangaldan, San Fabian, San Jacinto, Alcala, Bautista, Binaloan, Laoac, Pozorrubio, Sison, Urdaneta City, Villasis, Asingan, Bulangao, Natividad, Rosales, San Manuel, San Nicolas, San Quintin, Sta. Maria, Tayug Bayambang, Calasiao, Mapandana and Umingan.

Among the most affected areas are Natividad, Tayug, Asingan and Mangaldan with all the villages there flooded.

Prayers for our fellow Filipino is much needed.

Photo from google.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Tips in preparing for a Typhoon.

Goodbye Ondoy, Hello Typhoon PEPENG! Hmmp... Kainis!!!

"As of 5:00 p.m, 30 September 2009 Today, (Philippine Time) a Typhoon at the east of Northern Mindanao has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) and was named 'PEPENG'." As forcasted by PAGASA.

Yes, another storm coming, I know a lot of families in Luzon have not yet recovered from the trauma of the Typoon Ondoy. Then here comes Typhoon PEPENG, a lot of us was not expecting Typhoon Ondoy will be this traumatic. We were caught off-guard even for those people where flooding is a normal scenery in their cities (Malabon, Marikina, Pasay & Pasig). I guess we have to be prepared this time. We should expect the unexpected.

So here are some tips and preparations in case of unexpected emergency like this occurs:

1.) Prepare Food Supplies suitable for 2-3 days.
  • We should have at least have Can Goods for us to consumed if this will happen again.
2.) Plan your escape route in case of Flood.
  • Don't Panic - make preparations where you can store food and a place you can safely stay.
3.) Prepare a disaster supply kit.
  • What is a disaster supply kit? - First Aid Kits, Spare Clothes, Flash Lights, Candle and etc. packed in one bag.
4.) Secure valuable things such as important documents, cellphones, jewelries and etc.
  • Secure your valuables specially documents such as Passport, Birth Certificates, Licenses, Cellphone, Money and Jewelries (For Pawn?) and etc.
5.) Note down important contact numbers.
  • Phil. National Red Cross - 527-0000
  • NDCC :912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061
  • Nearest Hospital/Police/Fire Station Contact Numbers

So what do you think? You can add more tips by commenting on this blog.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Give Back What Typoon Ondoy Took Away

I'm very thankful and lucky that I still have a home and my children with me. When I saw these pictures from the internet, I can't help to feel sorry for those victim of the Typoon Ondoy. That's why, in this simple way I'm reblogging this post to help those victims.

[Reblog from:]

[Repost from]

List of verified relief centers for 'Ondoy' victims

Ateneo de Manila University Disaster Response Group

Go To: Ateneo de Manila University

Loyola Heights , Quezon City

Manuel V. Pangilinan Building Center for Student Leadership Lobby

University Dorm Cervini Hall

09089977166, 09178952792, 4266001 local 5050

Look for: Gio Tiongson, President, Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral


Operations: 24-hours operations for the entire week.

You can:

  • Donate goods like bottled water, sardines, canned goods, candles, cup noodles.

  • Volunteer to help repack relief goods, administer basic first aid.

  • Report missing persons.

  • Seek evacuation/temporary shelter at University Dorm Cervini Hall.

    Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC)

    Go To: 72-A Times St., West Triangle Homes , QC .

    Hotlines: 9299820, 9299822

    Operations: 8 a.m. onwards.

    You can:

  • Donate money, old clothes, blanket, bigas, munggo.

  • Volunteers to help distribute goods.

    Radio Veritas

    Go To: Veritas Tower , West Ave. cor EDSA

    Look For: Karla Turingan

    Hotlines: 9257931 to 39, 0918VERITAS

    Operations: 24-hours, tentatively until Tuesday.

    You Can:

  • Donate old clothes, food, assorted goods, bottled water, cash.

    Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

    Go to: 12 F. dela Rosa cor. C. Salvador Streets, Loyola Heights , QC

    Hotlines: 632 4342397, 63 2 9290665

    Operations: 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. for Sunday, until further notice.

    You Can:

  • Donate packed meals, bottled water.


    Victory Fellowship – Fort Bonifacio

    Go to: Victory Fellowship, Every Nation Building , across from Market-Market, Fort Bonifacio

    Look for: Pastor Bernard Marquez

    Hotlines: 813-FORT, 8171212

    Operations: Tentatively until 5pm may may extend hours. Entire week until Friday.


    You can:

  • Donate canned goods, milk, bottled water, clothes, cash.

  • Volunteer to help pack relief goods

    Compiled by Annalyn Ardoña and Patricia Faustino, GMA News and Public Affairs

  • Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Qlick Cafe in Now Open!

    I'm setting aside my personal and creative writing for a while and let me discuss a little bit of business. My business Qlick Cafe.

    Finally, after four months of renovations my internet cafe is now open! Why four months you might asked? We have trouble with the constructions and little short of funds. The good thing is Qlick Cafe is NOW OPEN.

    Qlick Cafe, aside for being my personal portal and my portfolio. It's also my Internet Shop. It offers Computer and Internet Rental, Online Games, Typing Job, Tarpaulin Printing, Graphic Design and a lot more.

    Visit us:

    Qlick Cafe
    B1 L27 P1
    Brgy. H2 St. Claire
    Dasmariñas, 4114 Cavite

    Thursday, September 24, 2009


    Photo Courtesy of Sir Dennis Nuevo.

    by Jhong Medina

    Head tormented by pain.
    Echos to my cerebrum and veins.

    Aspirin taken as a pill.
    Devoured by this pain like - drill.

    Aching and fiery eyes.
    Can only make me sigh.

    Hope the feeling will be over.
    Ending my agony all together.

    (An Acrostic Poetry)

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    What Does Not Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger.

    A lot of newly grad employees quit their first job because of the trauma at the workplace.Because they thought that after graduation it’s the end of their suffering, but its not.The battle is just getting started. The real world is not a nirvana, where you can just play around. The real work place is not only filled with physical distress, but also full of emotional stress. If you really want to excel in your field you need to be tough and you need to have patience. As my wife's boss would say, “Don’t believe that life is fair, it will always be unfair.” Your first job can be full of frustrations but don’t quit, try to earn the respect of your superior. A lot of newly grad employees who quit on their first job end up without a career. The first six months of an employee is very vital to have a fulfilling career. I believe its not working hard that will makes you successful, but it’s your character that will get you on top of the corporate ladder.

    Meantime, I would like to dedicate this poem to my niece, Kate. Be strong and God bless.

    What Does Not Kill Me Only Makes Me Stronger.
    Jhong Medina

    I feel pain the same as you do.
    I cry sometime to let go the stress too!
    They can make things darker and make me feel shoddier,
    But what does not kill me, only make me stronger.

    Sometimes I also feel that the world is not fare
    They may shout on me all day, as it seems - nobody cares.
    They can criticize me and make my day bitter
    But what does not kill me, only make me stronger.

    Yes my life is very complicated
    But I’m only human, I also get frustrated.
    They can curse me & damn me just to make themselves feel better.
    But what does not kill me, only make me stronger.

    I pray to God and wish this would be over
    All these problems over my shoulders.
    Good thing I’ve these little toddlers
    To give me strength to recite the quote that makes me stronger.

    Thanks to my mentor Zorlone, for helping me out with the poem and the encouragements. O' U' BRO!

    Friday, September 4, 2009

    It's Gelo's Birthday!

    This time it's my eldest son's birthday! I'm not really good in creative writing, but I made a poem for my eldest son, Gelo. So here goes...

    Happy Birthday, My Son!
    by Jhong Medina

    You have grown up so fast my son.
    It has been many years since the first time we had fun.
    If you could still remember the first ride we had.
    It was the first time you call me dad.

    We both know its not my blood that runs through your veins.
    But my mind and heartbeats your name.
    At this moment, I can't help but cry...
    reminiscing the good years that has gone by.

    Happy Birthday my eldest.
    Today is your day and I wish you the best.




    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Happy Birthday to Mathew!

    Just wanna greet my nephew a Happy 7th Birthday who's celebrating on August 28, 2009! Happy Birthday Mathew from Gelo, Thea, & Summer!

    Wait a minute! I forgot the details... Where's that invitation.... Ok here it is ... See yah at the Big Red Barn Westgate Filinvest Alabang Muntilupa.

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Emerging Influential Blogger 2009 Eyeball

    The Emerging Influential Blogger 2009 award was held at the PAGCOR Bldg. formerly Duty Free Shop – August 8, 2009. It was my first blogging event that I have attended . I must say, it was awesome. The people, the place, and the food it was all great, specially the free booze, unlimited!

    I have finally met face to face Zorlone( aka Doc Z), Jan Geronimo who came from Mindoro, Elmot, Yatot, Lyle, Bloggista, Ceblogger, Roy and ReyJr which is my friends in blogging. They are very interesting bloggers, we sitted in one table and I guess we’re the noisiest.

    Thanks to ReyJr. Tips, because I was able to prepare and exchange calling card with other bloggers. Although I was able to follow ReyJr tips to bring camera for the event, but unfortunately I forgot to charge the battery. (Watta Boo Boo) Next time ReyJr. make sure to include in your tips to charge the camera prior the event … hehehe. That’s why all photos in here were courtesy of Jan Geronimo and Ada of Adaphobic. I had a great time that night and here are My Top 10 Memorable Tags from the event.

    - for those bloggers that was not able to make it in the Top 10… settles for the AH1N1 influenza bloggers awards!

    - during the registration … I guess Doc Z should tell the story HEHEHE
    “What is your blog about again?” :P

    - Yatot and I fighting over who will blog over the FREE mouthwash in the rest room, we tried it to the max!

    - This phrase was over used and abused during the awarding events.


    - Roy distributed some pin to all members and friends of the Jedibloggers

    - I don’t know… but Jan was irritated while the rest of the gang is laughing about it …


    - Yatot’s comment for the whole event! LOLS!

    - The Major Sponsor of the Event, Thanks to them

    The winner is:
    1. Writing to Exhale
    2. Patay Gutom
    3. The Struggling Blogger
    4. Zorlone
    5. Father Blogger dot Com
    6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0
    7. Tales from the Mom Side
    8. Adaphobic
    9. Lakwatsero
    10. Let's Go Sago!

    My last tag is Ms. Janette Toral for the job-well-done. Congratulation Ms. Janet, your writing projects is a must see to all newbie bloggers. For those newbie bloggers who missed the event, you have missed half of your blogging career. Thanks Ms. Janet and I’m excited with your next Emerging Influential Bloggers 2010 as early as now!

    THE AWARDEES AND THE FEELING AWARDEES! - Photo Courtesy of Ada of Adaphobic

    Friday, August 7, 2009

    Petition to oust Willie Revillame

    I've just received an email from a friend which contains a link that points to a site that petitions to oust Mr. Willie Revillame. If you could remember Willie has been into several issues with people like with the controversial "Pera o Bayong Scam" and Act of Lasciviousness with some actresses. But this time he shows and reacted in such way was downright arrogant and disrespectful to the late President Corazon Aquino during his show.

    Here's a part of the petitions:

    "I am an avid viewer of ABS CBN and I am very well up-to-date regarding their shows. Without any doubt, I am a Kapamilya. However, last August 03, 2009, an incident happened when Wowowee Host Willie Revillame blurted out comments when a video of Pres. Cory's cortege appeared on the screen.

    While a contestant was dancing for the talent portion, a snippet of Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege was shown on the screen. But Willie did not cut short the dancing portion. Instead, he let the contestant finish her routine. After that, he blurted out comments regarding the video of Pre. Cory's cortege. He said:

    "Kung ganyan, pakita na lang natin 'yan. Kasi nagsasaya kami dito, tapos... Masakit sa akin 'yan, e. Nagsasalita ako dito... 'yan, please. Sana maintindihan n'yo. Nagsasaya kami dito, papakita n'yo sa amin yun ang... di ba? Hindi tama, e. Okey? Hindi ba?"

    "Pangit! Hindi ho maganda sa atin. Nagsasalita, ipinapakita yung kabaong ni Tita Cory, hindi ba? Papano kami makapagsasaya, nahihirapan kami? I'm sorry ho, ha. Pero ako, totoo ako, e. 'Wag n'yo akong pagagalitan, kasi totoo ang gusto kong malaman...

    "Pagkatapos ng show, ipakita n'yo ang gusto n'yong palabas. Kasi itong Wowowee, gusto ko... Hindi ba, at alam din ni Tita Cory 'yan dahil napasaya rin siya ng show na ito na laging masaya dito, ok?" " ....

    The author posted in a website campaigning for signatures that will reprimand Willie Revillame by MTRCB and PANA.

    [Full Details]

    Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. BAD Cheetah....

    Thursday, August 6, 2009

    Thanks Madz!

    I would like to thanks Madz Galvez for posting her experience using the Going Straight Privilege Card. I personally made the "Happy Anniversary Card" and I'm very thankful that she liked it. The privilege card entitles her discount up to 10% on selected services and 20% for the Privilege Card One Day Make Over discount.

    Meantime, Going Straight Salon, Inc. is now offering 50% off on Rebonding Services package with Hand Spa and Foot Spa. YES you heard me right! 50% off if you avail it between Mondays to Thursday and 30% off on Friday til Sunday.

    For complete details please visit what's hot section of there website.

    Paalam and Salamat: Cory Aquino

    Just wanna share some photo given by my Photographer. (Peace Sir Tom C III) It was given to me by my boss Mr. Tom Clemente III from Sta. Lucia Property Management, Inc. . I really wish to view this event personally but, it's a busy Monday for me. It was taken along Ayala Ave. in Makati.

    Thanks Sir Tom!

    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Cory Aquino: An Icon of Democracy

    Former President Maria Corazon "Cory" Conjuanco Aquino died of cardiopulmonary arrest after complications from a stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 76, today August 1, 2009, 3:18 a.m., at the Makati Medical Center. The whole nation is mourning her death, but our nation will always rekindle the flame of democracy that Cory Aquino had began. She believe that the Filipino is worth dying for. She said from her TV interview last September 2008 with GMA News, "I thank all the Filipino. I thank GOD, He made me a Filipino..." her last message from an interview with Jessica Soho of GMA News.

    For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

    In 1986 Cory Aquino brought back democracy to our country, I was still in the elementary then. I may not appreciate it before but what she have done and fight for... me and my children have gain benefit today.

    God Bless Cory Aquino, a good wife, a loving mother, our president and A GLOBAL ICON OF DEMOCRACY to all.

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!

    Last March 24, 2008, Former President Corazon Aquino was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. At the age of 75, she's currently battling the said disease at Makati Medical Center. Family and Friends are campaigning Tie a Yellow Ribbon Prayer Campaign to lessen her suffering and for her immediate recovery.

    The said campaign was initiated by her friend Marge Juico thru text campaigns passing on the request.

    "Rekindle the flame of democracy that Cory began. Believe that the Filipino is worth dying for. Tie a yellow ribbon today: Cory hindi ka nag-iisa (Cory you are not alone)!" the text message from Juico read.

    My fellow bloggers, I invite you to Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!

    If you are interested to be a part of this tribute for her, kindly follow the simple rule:

    1. Create an entry entitled: “Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!“. A link to this original entry will be appreciated, but is not required.(
    2. Post a yellow ribbon in your blog for President Cory Aquino. Whatever form of yellow ribbon that your creative imagination can come up with.
    3. Invite other bloggers to tie a yellow ribbon for Cory.

    Mrs. Aquino has since been recognized worldwide as an icon of democracy.

    Once she unite our nation as ONE, I guess it's about time to return the favor.

    If you wish to grab the image campaign that I made just copy and paste the code below.
    Or If you wish you can make your own.

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Going Straight Employees July Birthday Celebrant - Lunch Treats

    Just wanna greet my co-employees who's celebrating all their birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:


    Thanks for the sumptuous lunch and merienda! BIG TIMER TALAGA!

    Note: Proxie lang si Ryan dyan sa picture... hehehe

    Now you see it and now you don't! Told You, I'm a part time magician! :P

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

    The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog for 2009

    My Top Nominees are:
    #1 Zorlone
    #2 Jan of Writing to Exhale
    #3 Madz
    #4 Rosalie
    #5 Julie Maloney
    #6 July’s Team
    #7 Hasan Nudin from Betam, Islands
    #9 Eds
    #10 Roy

    I ’am very thankful for the above people who always have time to drop by on my blogs and influenced me to continue blogging. At first I see blogging was another medium for me to make money or sideline, but now it’s a venue for me in expressing myself, a new medium for learning and a new way to gain friends. All your comments and ec drops were gratefully appreciated. I really wish to add more nominees but the contest said "TOP 10"... only. :P

    If you wish to nominate 10 bloggers that influenced you to blogging join the contest by clicking this link.

    They are Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, Events at Work, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    You're the 1, Goldilocks!

    It’s 4th of July 2009 and it’s Thea’s 4th Birthday. Its been a week that I have been wondering on how to celebrate Thea’s birthday. I really wanted to give her something that she could really appreciate. But as I have said from my previous post... we ‘re currently on financial crisis since the problem with the renovation occurs. My wife originally planned treating them into the mall and buys her favorite toy. Unfortunately, we only come out with a budget of P 600.00, in which I have already used for our allowance, in which I borrowed from Thea’s piggy bank a week ago. “Don’t get angry with me guys! As I have said we’re on crisis sometimes it leave us no choice.” But I did managed to return the amount and I have decided to celebrate her birthday at home.

    It’s really hard to budget something, when there is nothing to budget… LOL! But we have did our best to celebrate her birthday at home for only less than P 600.00. I bought this Triple Delight Round Cake from Goldilocks, which only cost me P 295.00 with free personalized caption and free candle. At the same time, I was able to buy her a Kitchen Set Toy as a gift, which only cost me less than P 200.00 and also bought some beverages from the groceries to complete the small party celebration at home.

    When Thea saw her cake, she surprisingly said “Wow”. I didn’t expect that she would have the same appreciation when we treat her on her last Kiddie Birthday Party. She said, “Papa, akin ‘to?” (“Dad, Is this mine?”)… And amazingly said again “WOW! Papa” and then gave me hug. My heart almost jump out when Thea’s appreciated her cake and said to me “Samamat Papa!” which I hug her back tightly out of delight. You might be wondering what is “Samamat”? LOL! She means “Salamat or Thank you”... Forgive her... she still having trouble with her pronunciations. But when I heard that word it made feel the coolest Dad on earth! Ha!

    You’re the 1, Goldilocks, because even on crisis you’re maasahan. Thank you Goldilocks, “Samamat Goldilocks!” :)

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    How much time do you spend in blogging?

    Are you like me, eating while blogging? I spend an average of 5 to 7hrs a week just to do my entrecard dropping and blog hopping. I post 1 to 2 blogs a week and make sure to comment on my friends blogs too. I have an 8hr full time job and I trying to manage to post a blog while eating during my (1)hr lunch break. In the blogosphere... I'm still a newbie, and I'm still trying to manage my offline job and my own blog at the same time. I'm very thankful that aside from my children, I have friends like Jenna Isle, Zorlone, Madz, and Julie that inspires me to update my post. Can you help me guys? How much time do you spend in blogging? I'll appreciate the time you'll spend on this post.

    Wanna see the result?

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Michael Jackson, died June 25, 2009

    According to report on the morning of June 25, 2009 2:26 pm (June 26 2:27 am- Philippine Time), Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center. The King of Pop collapsed at a rented home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, California, USA. Their local fire department paramedics responded to a 911 call at 12:21pm Pacific Time and arrived 12:30 pm. Michael was reportedly not breathing as he fell into a coma and died shortly after being rushed to the hospital. The cause of death is reported to be cardiac arrest and was pronounce dead after 2 hrs of reviving his body.

    If you could remember in 1984, The King of Pop released the single Thriller from what is still considered the most popular album of all time with 109 million copies sold worldwide and 10 top 10 singles. Michael Jackson has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, once as a solo artist and a second time as member of The Jackson 5. He has won 13 Grammys, created 13 number one singles more than any other artist, sold 750 million albums worldwide.

    Michael Jackson will always be an unforgettable mark in the World of Music History.

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Wanna ride my RED HOT F40 FERRARI?

    I got my first Ferrari last May 3, its my wife's gift on my last birthday. :b Its only a 1:38 Ratio Ferrari Model from Shell.LOL!

    It took me one month to complete the whole set (7 models).. You can get it from Shell's promo for only P 120.00 ($3.50) when you buy their fuel.

    250 GTO
    F430 Challenge
    360 Challenge Stradole
    575 GTC
    599 GTB Fiorano

    Oh, how I wish I could have one! LOL


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