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FIREPOWER - Round by Round Summary

1:28 PM November 15, 2009 (Philippine Time)
Below is my round by round summary of the Firepower fight between the Philippine Champion Manny "PACMAN" Paquiao versus Miguel Cotto. I'm trying to blog this as I watch the fight round by round, so bare with me with typos and grammar.


The crowd was silenced when the Philippine National Anthem was sung by our very own La Diva. Then the silence was broken when Manny Paquiao entered the arena, followed by Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao was the first fighter into the ring. Wearing red trunks littered with logos he went staright to his corner and knelt in prayer. Before the start of the round I've just saw Chavit Singson at the Paquiao's corner.Hmmm, I sense Politics!

Round One

When the bell rang the crowd roars. Cotto startled Pacquiao with a first punch but didn't hurt our hero. The round ended with exchanged of blow and Cotto wins the round 10-9

Round Two

Cotto continues pounding body shots chopping down Pacquiao's body. But Manny Pacquiao at the halfway through the round he finds an opening and delivers a combination and a lot of left & right jab in which destabilized Cotto and couldn't find a solution to counters Paquiao's attacks. Then Pacquiao releases three-punches combination with about 15 seconds left. Pacquiao stares at Cotto at the end of the round and Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9.

Round Three

The action started by Cotto throws a left that Pacquiao sidesteps with jabs and left blow. At the middle of the round the referee Kenny Bayless calls a knockdown on Cotto from a left and right combination from Manny Paquiao. Pacquiao's speed, which surprised so many other fighters, appears to be too much for Puertorican fighter. Before the end of the round Cotto manages to sneak an upper-cut in which upsets Paquiao. Pacquiao still wins the round 10-8.

Round Four

Cotto started early with jabs rattling our Pinoy Champion on 2:20 minutes left. Pacquiao has been pinned twice on the rope punishing him with body shots and several uppercuts. When I thought that Cotto gains the advantage with this round, Pacquiao escapes to the center of the ring, Cotto goes down again with 10 seconds remaining. Manny manage to hit Cotto with a hard left to the chin that causes him to go down. Cotto went to his corner bleeding with one eye. Pacquiao still owns Cotto at 10-8 score.

Round Five

Sorry guys I've missed this round I need to go to the rest room but Pacquiao still takes this round with 10-9 score. LOLS! Bad timing huh!

Round Six

Pacquiao still going for the head consistently, sniping Cotto with a left and right combination. At this round Cotto's face is showing the damage, looking red and perhaps a bit swollen. Pacquiao twice pinned Cotto on the ropes in the final 15 seconds and almost gets him down for a third time. Pacquiao still scores from the judges with 10-9 card.

Round Seven

At this round, Cotto still couldn't find a solution to the speed of Paquiao. Paquiao still punished Cotto with a one-to-three combination. Even though Cotto manages to sneak punches at the end of the round, the round again ends with Pacquiao winning with 10-9 score.

Round Eight

Pacquiao has been slicing the defense of Cotto's defenses and he has no where to go but to move around the ring by back pedaling. At the 20 seconds of the round Cotto continues to fight backward and the round ends with him backed into his corner, saved from further damage by the bell. Cotto's face is swollen and I'm starting to conclude the fight with Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9.

Round Nine

Another punishing round for Cotto. Pacquiao still excutes his offensive tactics and still Cotto back paddles around the ring. Pacquiao gets off a good three-punch combination and traps Cotto against the ropes three times. Cotto has been bleeding heavily from his nose and his right eye almost shut as he goes to his corner. Pacquiao wins the round 10-9 again.

Round Ten

Cotto white trunks are now stained with blood and both eyes are nearly swollen closed. The two fighter is now wearing red trunks? Are they allowing it now? Just kidding! Cotto continues to backpedal and Pacquiao continues to chase him. Near the end of the round Paquiao signals Cotto saying "Let's get it on." because Cotto has been running thru out the round. Pacquiao wins the round 10-9.

Round Eleven

Cotto can't stand the punishment anymore as he continue to back pedal thru out the round. Cotto has been a dancing punching bag for Manny Paquiao as the cut of Cotto's left eye has been bleeding thru his trunks. At this round I feel Cotto's only wanted to survive. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-8.

Final Round

Early in the round our local tv commentator already announced that Manny Paquiao has claimed his 7th world title, because Cotto's just keep on running around the ring and with the scores presented only a knock down can turn around the fight. The blood coming from the cut near Cotto's eye is flowing now and referee Kenny Bayless steps in to stop with more than two minute to go. Which declares Manny Paquiao is the winner.

Pacquiao wins by 12th-round TKO

Now Pacquiao, the only fighter in history to win Seven Titles in Seven Weight Classes. Congratulation to Manny Paquiao! Again you made our country proud!
"Wala kang katulad Manny!!!!!." I hope you enjoyed my post.
I've finish blogging at around 4:19 PM (Philippine Time).


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