Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anaya Norma Patrice Medina - My Little Princess

You might be wondering where in the world I got the name "Anaya Norma Patrice"? I know it's a long name and I hope my daughter forgive me when she grow up.... Lols! Ok, "Anaya" is a Hebrew Name which means "God's Will". My wife research it when a client in our internet shop asking for baby's name when she was pregnant. At first we intend to use "Anaiah" but worrying she might have trouble writing it down. So we stick to the original "Anaya" name.

Norma is my mother's name. I remembered my mother when the day I was thinking for a girls' name. I used Norma as her second part of her name to honor my late mother who died when I was at 7 years old. Although I can't remember her face because I lost her at my young age, I want to remember her name by passing it to my youngest daughter.

Well the last part was "Patrice", it came from my mother-in-law Patricia. We changed it to "Patrice" to make it sounds modern. "Anaya Norma Patricia" sounds a lil' retro that's why we came up with "Anaya Norma Patrice I. Medina" for the National Statistic Office records.

Anaya was born last January 6, 2010 at around 8:02pm at Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila. I was very thankful that she was delivered (CS) healthy at 9.4lbs.
We spent 5 days in the hospital because she was observed in Nursery Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I was worried at first but our doctor, Dr. Ilim explained that it is the standard procedure of the hospital to observed babies over 9lbs for 2 days in the intensive care unit. We went home in the evening of January 10, 2010 exhausted but happy & excited because we have a new member in the family. Thank you Lord for giving me "Anaya"...

Question: "Who's Anaya's more look a like... Her Dad? or Her Mom?" ( I want an honest answer!)

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